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Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016

Gw2 Helper XE V6.0.1 - Anet Halloween Update

13:39 // by Gw2 Helper // 4 comments

Hey Guys, V6 is Here.

New Features: 
- new Frontend, better Performance, more user-friendly and easier Updater
- new OverlayPosition-Options
- new BossDetail Editor added (GUI for BossDetail.gat - Still in Beta, bug reports would be appreciated)
- Invuln Calculation on Matthias works correctly now
- StatRecorder will now work correctly on Warrior and Revenant
- Automatic Language detection added for BossDetails (Supported Languages English and German)
- New Splash for Startup to improve Infos given to users
- New Tool Skill Details

StartUp Splash: 

To start gw2 press run (left button)
You can now use the AutoStart option to start the app without having to manually click it - If an update is available this option will be automatically disabled
On the bottom left the tool will now display Infos and Errors to improve feedback for users
The "Help"-button on the right is currently disabled

TargetDistance and other small Tools will follow in Future


Download - Gw2 Helper V6.0.1 - X86

Download - Gw2 Helper V6.0.1 - X64


Gw2 Helper Dev Team

Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2016

Gw2 Helper V5.4.8 - Anet Update 04.10.2016

02:16 // by Gw2 Helper // No comments

Hey Guys, Update Time.

 - Invuln Calculation on Mathias is fixed

 - I Recode the FronEnd for better Performance and lower DpsCalc Lags on LowCpu´s
 - The next Release V6 will come with better Usability in many Parts 
 - Boss Detail Editor, Language Identifier for BossDetail, Record, Export and View Combats

  - If you´re connected with GroupStats to the Server and switched the class then pop up a 
    Error message. Restart Tool again ... we will fix it
  - The Invuln Calculation on Slothasar and Mathias in W2 are incorrect. He calc the AvgDPS in 
    BossDetail with the FullCombatTime. 


Download - Gw2 Helper V5.4.8 - X86

Download - Gw2 Helper V5.4.8 - X64


Gw2 Helper Dev Team