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Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016

Gw2 Helper XE V6.0.1 - Anet Halloween Update

13:39 // by Gw2 Helper // 4 comments

Hey Guys, V6 is Here.

New Features: 
- new Frontend, better Performance, more user-friendly and easier Updater
- new OverlayPosition-Options
- new BossDetail Editor added (GUI for BossDetail.gat - Still in Beta, bug reports would be appreciated)
- Invuln Calculation on Matthias works correctly now
- StatRecorder will now work correctly on Warrior and Revenant
- Automatic Language detection added for BossDetails (Supported Languages English and German)
- New Splash for Startup to improve Infos given to users
- New Tool Skill Details

StartUp Splash: 

To start gw2 press run (left button)
You can now use the AutoStart option to start the app without having to manually click it - If an update is available this option will be automatically disabled
On the bottom left the tool will now display Infos and Errors to improve feedback for users
The "Help"-button on the right is currently disabled

TargetDistance and other small Tools will follow in Future


Download - Gw2 Helper V6.0.1 - X86

Download - Gw2 Helper V6.0.1 - X64


Gw2 Helper Dev Team


  1. Thank you very much for your hard work, will try the new one :) Don't give up :)

  2. The group overview dps option stopped working with this new version. There is no start server.exe, and when you click on connect on group overview, nothing happens.

    1. Hi, thx for report ....

      This Tool and the Server will come with next Updates.
      I want release the new Engine and not fix the older Engine :)