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Mittwoch, 16. November 2016

Gw2 Helper V6.3.1 - Access Error Fix

03:50 // by Gw2 Helper // 7 comments

Hey Guys, Bug Fix

Update V6.3.1:
Access Error on Manual Reset and after long time is fixed
- Boss Detail Freeze is fixed

Update V6.3.0:
only Update for functionality

Update V6.2.9:
StatViewer Open are Reset all Values and save the last RecordFile automatic
- StatRecorder add StoneSpirit
- StatRecorder add StormSpirit
- GroupOverview Reset is Fixed (shows wrong Values after Combat)

BugFix V6.2.8:
- EntityThreadCalc suspend for 3 min, now (The tool will not reset if sabetha or Xera goes away)
  The Tool resume automaticly (Beta)

- Automatic Tool Reset for DPS Calc fixed

Update V6.2.7:
- Add the Procent Value for ControlledHealth

BugFix V6.2.6:
- StatViewer Error on Start is fixed
- GroupOverview -> ConnectWindow ... Cut the last Letter if you press the button ist fixed
- Beta Fix for Sabetha - Reset if Sabetha port away and Controlled are @ Canons
- Deactivate the BossDetail Editor - need more Time to fix the bugs

BugFix V6.2.5: 
- 32Bit Group Overview is fixed
- Error if you switch behind 2 Target very fast ,is fixed

Update V6.2.5: 
- Percent is added to GroupOverview
- new Option in Common Settings -> Group Overview only for BossDetail
  If you use it , the Group Overview show after the combat the Summary Values and don't Reset

BugFix V6.2.1: 
- Accept Button in BossDetail Editor is fixed
- Swiftness in StatRecorder is fixed
- 32Bit StatRecorder is fixed for most classes

BugFix V6.2.0: 
- StatRecorder shows wrong Values, if more as 30 Items in your Bar, is fixed
- 50% Crit Value in Controlled DPS Meter works correct now
- StatRecorder all Buffs in TestArena are fixed

Rework- GroupOverview: 
- Tool SpeedIncrease to 50ms 
- No Config needed
- No Server needed
- MainMenu -> GroupOverview -> Connect 

- Set your ChannelName and press Ok
- All your TeamMember must join the same Channel

Help File included:
- MainMenu -> Help


Download - Gw2 Helper V6.3.1 - X86

Download - Gw2 Helper V6.3.1 - X64


Gw2 Helper Dev Team

Dienstag, 1. November 2016

Gw2 Helper XE V6.1.3 - BugFixes and new Tool

14:40 // by Gw2 Helper // 2 comments

Hey Guys, First BugFix Release.

- Skill Details will now works correctly with Sigills and Traits Identifier
- BossDetail Phase Timer is fixed
- 32Bit Bugs (19) are fixed
- Updater: Memory Leak Error is fixed 
- Flicker on TargetSet is fixed
- StatRecorder Flicker is fixed
- Invuln Calculation works on Slothasar now (all Encounters)
- StatRecorder Grace of the Lands - Bar is fixed
- Setttings StatRecorder Mouseover Hints to all Buffs added

Added Tool: 
- StatViewer to show your Record in Detail
  - Set your Hotkey under Settings -> Common Settings  
- On the Top Right on StatRecorder you will see the Recorder Status.
- After the Combat , open the Statviewer and use the ProgressBar

Ui Change: 
- Change the Skill Details to show more Infos
- Longer Names will cut like This 
" blablablalblal" to "blablabl ..."


Download - Gw2 Helper V6.1.3 - X86

Download - Gw2 Helper V6.1.3 - X64


Gw2 Helper Dev Team