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Mittwoch, 16. November 2016

Gw2 Helper V6.3.1 - Access Error Fix

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Hey Guys, Bug Fix

Update V6.3.1:
Access Error on Manual Reset and after long time is fixed
- Boss Detail Freeze is fixed

Update V6.3.0:
only Update for functionality

Update V6.2.9:
StatViewer Open are Reset all Values and save the last RecordFile automatic
- StatRecorder add StoneSpirit
- StatRecorder add StormSpirit
- GroupOverview Reset is Fixed (shows wrong Values after Combat)

BugFix V6.2.8:
- EntityThreadCalc suspend for 3 min, now (The tool will not reset if sabetha or Xera goes away)
  The Tool resume automaticly (Beta)

- Automatic Tool Reset for DPS Calc fixed

Update V6.2.7:
- Add the Procent Value for ControlledHealth

BugFix V6.2.6:
- StatViewer Error on Start is fixed
- GroupOverview -> ConnectWindow ... Cut the last Letter if you press the button ist fixed
- Beta Fix for Sabetha - Reset if Sabetha port away and Controlled are @ Canons
- Deactivate the BossDetail Editor - need more Time to fix the bugs

BugFix V6.2.5: 
- 32Bit Group Overview is fixed
- Error if you switch behind 2 Target very fast ,is fixed

Update V6.2.5: 
- Percent is added to GroupOverview
- new Option in Common Settings -> Group Overview only for BossDetail
  If you use it , the Group Overview show after the combat the Summary Values and don't Reset

BugFix V6.2.1: 
- Accept Button in BossDetail Editor is fixed
- Swiftness in StatRecorder is fixed
- 32Bit StatRecorder is fixed for most classes

BugFix V6.2.0: 
- StatRecorder shows wrong Values, if more as 30 Items in your Bar, is fixed
- 50% Crit Value in Controlled DPS Meter works correct now
- StatRecorder all Buffs in TestArena are fixed

Rework- GroupOverview: 
- Tool SpeedIncrease to 50ms 
- No Config needed
- No Server needed
- MainMenu -> GroupOverview -> Connect 

- Set your ChannelName and press Ok
- All your TeamMember must join the same Channel

Help File included:
- MainMenu -> Help


Download - Gw2 Helper V6.3.1 - X86

Download - Gw2 Helper V6.3.1 - X64


Gw2 Helper Dev Team


  1. Please, can you add an option to show in group dps the boss detail window? To show the %dmg to the boss and total dps to the boss of each member at the end of the boss. That way we can know the %dmg of each dps to know who does better and who needs help.
    Thanks for the work! This app is great!

  2. Hey, its added to the current Release.


    1. I know its a silly question, but what are the chances of you getting banned? Im not so affraid of using it but I wanna convince my guildies to give it a try, they are kind of affraid tho.

    2. I.
      This is free to use software.
      You will not be charged anything and don't have to give up any private information about yourself.
      If you want to donate, feel free to do so on our homepage or in-game.
      However, there is absolutely no obligation for you to do so.

      This is third-party Software.
      Which means it is not approved by ArenaNet and may result in bans, should it be detected on your account.
      While this software is developed to be undetectable, streaming or uploading videos of the game
      using this tool will make it very easy to associate it with your account and get you banned.

      Updating this tool requires development time.
      This software will stop working every time ArenaNet releases a new update.
      As a result, this tool has to be modified by the developer after each update,
      which may take a bit of time depending on the scale of the update.
      Please keep in mind that as this software is free to use, it also means nobody
      is getting paid to program it and bear with those service downtimes.

      If you encounter bugs or have ideas for improving this application, feel free to contact me about it.
      If you have a problem with this tool that couldn't be solved by this document,
      I will try my best to work on your problem and fix it for you.
      Also, new ideas for improvements are always appreciated. (gwtwohelper@gmail.com)

      Do not use this tool for "foul" purposes.
      This might seem like a laughable point at first, however, the main reason ArenaNet forbids
      the use of Third-Party-Tools like this, is the fear of players using them to discriminate against other players.
      This tool is meant to help players improve in endgame content and not to further toxic attitudes or elitism,
      so please use it that way.

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  4. I'm using x64 version client and x64 version of gw2helper, but for some reason it still tell me to use x86 instead. any idea how to fix this?

    using windows 10 x64

    1. i have the same problem 5/50 starts. But i dont know the exactly problem, for the moment.