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Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2017

Gw2 Helper V6.4.4 - Anet Balance Update ( Accuracy nearly 100%)

12:38 // by Gw2 Helper // 7 comments

Hey Guys, 

Accurarcy Update is online.
The X86 Version will follow in future.

Update V6.4.4:
- change the complete Combatant to the internal Version
- Fix for all Classes

Update V6.4.3:
- Steady Focus added to StatRecorder

Update V6.4.2:
- ThreadController Error fixed

Update V6.4.1:
- StatRecorder Error will crash the Tool is fixed (sry)

Update V6.4.0:
- functionality for the BalancePatch
- added Pinpoint Distribution (New Engi Buff) to the StatRecorder
- 100% Accuracy Update - all Values trigger direct from Gw2 (Detour, Hook etc ..)

- Skill Details UI Update ( added Images for better Identification )

- Server Upgrade
- Error Crash Gw2 is fixed


Download - Gw2 Helper V6.4.2 - X86 - coming soon ...

Download - Gw2 Helper V6.4.4 - X64

Virustotal Online Scan SHA256: e35ba7582848a215f41351dc2e402aac0c48cc7fe62b6c2a599874934b612012


Gw2 Helper Dev Team


  1. This update is being flagged as containing a trojan: http://imgur.com/a/RX3j2

    What is up with that? I like your software, please fix.

  2. There is no trojan, i use dll injection. That heuristic Looks like a trojan for your antivir. 3/10 guildmember has the same error. Set the Directory from the Tool to the Safety area and all is fine.

  3. When I attempt to update or fresh install the following error occurs:
    'An error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory: Move failed; 5. Access is denied'

    1. Do you use "AntiVir" as Antivirus Software ?

    2. I use Avira for antivirus. I disable the antivirus software with the same results.

      I used the /LOG option of the installer and this is the relative portion of the failure in the log file:
      2017-02-23 15:27:17.724 Dest filename: C:\Program Files (x86)\Gw2Helper_X64\Gw2Helper_XE.exe
      2017-02-23 15:27:17.724 Time stamp of our file: 2017-02-23 20:31:10.000
      2017-02-23 15:27:17.724 Installing the file.
      2017-02-23 15:27:19.317 Message box (Abort/Retry/Ignore):
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Gw2Helper_X64\Gw2Helper_XE.exe

    3. a Guildmember had the same problem, yesterday.

      Is easy to fix.
      Go in Option and set for system-Scan and the RealTime-Scan the directory of Gw2Helper to the exception. After that , go to quarantine and restore the Gw2 Helper Exe.


    4. here is a overview of the viruscan results