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Mittwoch, 19. April 2017

Closed for public

03:36 // by [LN] Farbstoff // 4 comments

Hey guys,

 A lot of people have been asking what's happening with helper and I have been thinking about it a lot and have decided to make helper closed for the public. This tool was created by me to use with my guild and my friends, but at the time I made this there was no other alternatives. So I decided to open it up to the public so they could use the software as well. But since the situation has changed and there now is multiple options (Arc DPS by DeltaConnected, BGDM by Bhagawan) I'm gonna stop supporting a public version of Helper.

Thanks for all the support!

ArcDPS: https://www.deltaconnected.com/arcdps/
BGDM: http://gw2bgdm.blogspot.dk/p/faq.html